Let's take the Delivery industry in Qatar to the next level

Droniko is a mobile app to request delivery services through smart unmanned vehicles, increasing safety and speed of delivery services for everyone in Qatar.

Droniko is a new lifestyle. Pickup, deliver and a wide range of logistics services, all through a mobile app or if you prefer our web services, both options provide delivery information in real time.

After Droniko’s implementation and thanks to its characteristics, We will help minimize environmental pollution and the spread of diseases between people (Such as COVID-19).


Droniko delivery service Request

Download the Droniko app (For iOS or Android), create your account, select your payment method and get your Drone Delivery instantly.

And even more! Droniko offers a web sevice with an administration panel where you can select the place you want to pick up your package as well as setting a sending place, monitor routes and trajectories in real time.

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Droniko is secure, fast and fun!


Droniko is State-of-the-art Technology

Droniko uses advance geopositioning sensors, combined with laser scan technology to fly safely and accurately. Complete scanning for obstacle avoidance using LiDAR SLAM, Visual SLAM, AND GNSS.

Droniko also implements effective solutions for transparency and efficiency by leveraging smart contracts and ERC-20 tokens. Shippers can gain more visibility across their supply chain and communicate important information such as loads, geo-waypoints and basic compliance information of any given shipment.

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The best available Skillset Technology and Innovation

Our fleet of autonomous delivery units as well as our technology is focused on improving logistics for transportation and urban planning. Guaranteeing Qatar's spot as the regional leader in this technology.

Time Saving


Saving Money


Contactless and Sanitary


Environmental Pollution


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Droniko Delivery Service

We know customers in Qatar have high standards, so we have set ourselves the highest bar for Droniko, transforming the way goods move around the cities of Qatar.

Our platform connects any registered person or e-commerce with our nearest available Delivery Drone to pick up your package and deliver it to your customer in minutes, optimizing delivery time.


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Droniko is not just a delivery company, it’s a new lifestyle, with full coverage throughout Doha, Lusail and Al Khor.

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The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and Droniko can make it possible.


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